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This morning I had the doubtful pleasure of traveling the tube (London’s metro) during rush hour.

Lots of people.

Lots of serious faces.

It is impossible to know what’s behind those serious faces but the main thought that comes up is – how come no one smiles?

The first thought that appeared in my mind was being happy for not taking part in this game. I almost never have to travel during those times. I actually avoid it.
But then came the second thought – how come so many people do this every day?

The whole system, as my friend Joe Barnes who wrote the book Escape The System Now calls it, is based on the same length of working times and during the same hours. Why?

Why does everyone have to work for 8 hours (or more). Is it really that more effective? Why everyone starts and finishes the work day in the same time? In a world where many businesses work globally wouldn’t it be better to have flexibility of hours to communicate with people in other time zones on the planet?

There is the famous 9 to 5. Or maybe for some it is 10 to 6. Why don’t we create also a 12 – 8 for example as part of the work time mainstream?

If we do that we might eliminate the concept of rush hour and create a new flow in life. Would that bring more smiley faces?

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