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When you are overwhelmed, finding yourself stirring a problem in circles and no solution comes up no matter how much you try to solve the problem, it is then time for you to do the most ridiculous thing.

The most ridiculous thing is whatever you want do that will engage your attention fully and is completely unrelated to your problem. It can be running in the middle of the night or going to the cinema in the middle of the day. It might be calling someone that you haven’t spoken to over 10 years, buying a magazine that you never thought you’d be reading, or going to a nudist beach.

To find the solution you need to break the pattern of thoughts, and breaking it while being in it is impossible. You are stronger than your mind, even if it’s hard to believe it in those thick and heavy moments of concern so just go and do the most ridiculous thing.

The solution is just waiting for you to be quiet. The solution is waiting for you to stop looking for it and then it will appear.

It is now 5:30am. I am going to cook a curry.


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      No point in struggling to sleep. If you find yourself turning again and agin in bed it’s better to just get up and do something. Cooking is a great option but it can be writing, reading, drawing, running and many other things.

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