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What would it feel like to speak and live your truth in every situation?

How would your life be if you didn’t have to pretend. Pretend that you are busy. Pretend that you are happy. Pretend that you are something they think you are but deep inside you know you are not.

The thoughts of not pretending bring a sense of fresh air and freedom because you put so much effort to keep the social masks in place. To smile when you don’t want to. To go to that event that you don’t want to go to. To speak to those people you don’t want to speak to. It is exhausting.

Lately you have started to ask yourself what the fuck is the point in doing that? For who? For what?

Yes, you have climbed up the ladder. You are, as they all think and say – successful. But what does that mean to you? You have no time to enjoy. You have no time to relax. You have no time to love and be loved. Where is the success in that?

Lately you started to have some thoughts about stopping and making a change. But when you think about all the time and effort and possibly cash that you have invested, and even worse, when you think about what your colleagues, friends, partner and parents would think and say you freeze. How can you face telling them about this other path you have in mind? How can you express to them the emptiness that you feel behind what they see? That all this success feels like failure.

In moments of silence an inner voice appears and tells you that everything is ok.

For years you have been ignoring it.

That voice gives you glimpses of hope and shows you that making a change in your life is totally possible.

But you don’t believe it.

And it keeps nudging you to open your mind and believe that the change can be as small or as big as you like. Anything is possible.

That voice scares the shit out of you. You kept ignoring it for years.

It is tiring to go out to the world of success with all your masks in place transmitting the ‘everything is great’ attitude when deep inside, that inner voice that used to be small and meaningless is getting stronger and stronger. You start feeling that it creates some cracks in your masks and people around you start to challenge you with the ‘what is going on with you’ questions.

Here is the thing – nothing is wrong with you. You have taken a path that was right back then for whatever reason. But now, if it is time for a change then it is time for a change – no matter how much the matrix sucks you in and wants to keep you inside. You can find your way out of it. The steps towards your new freedom are scary and there are no guarantees, but it is your life so you better claim it and live it in the fullest and most honest way.

Bronnie Ware – a nurse who worked many years in palliative care with people in their last 3 to 12 weeks of their lives asked them about their biggest regrets in their life. The most common regret that those people shared was – ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me’.

Wake up now. You don’t have to wait until you are close to your death to realise that. You don’t have to wait until you are close to your death to start being and living who you really are. Yes, the unknown is scary, but I have seem so many of my clients and colleagues that decided to take this path enjoying that immense freedom that comes with it. It is not easy. It is not simple. But living your truth means living YOUR life. How would you feel waking up every morning with a sense of curiosity and excitement instead of regret?

Remember one important thing – People usually regret things they didn’t do much more than things they did that possibly went wrong. So what are you holding back? And what could happen if you let go? These thoughts might scare you but if you decide to take the leap you’ll find the right support on your path, as John Burroughs said – ’Leap, and the net will appear’.

During the years I have seen the glow in the faces of those who took the leap. I have also seen the continuous fear and frustration in the faces of those who stayed behind their mask in their self created matrix. It is a matter of choice. Your inner voice has the right answers for you so listen to it carefully. If it tells you to take the leap I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear about your adventure.


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