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What does it mean to give the best education to our kids?

  • It’s about giving them the FREEDOM to be themselves.
  • It’s about making them feel how IMPORTANT they are.
  • It’s about letting them learn in their own UNIQUE WAYS.
  • It’s about teaching them to LISTEN.
  • It’s about giving them the permission to MAKE MISTAKES.
  • It’s about giving them the space and time to LEARN from those mistakes.
  • It’s about allowing them to express their EMOTIONS.
  • it’s about allowing them to express their CREATIVITY.
  • It’s about teaching them about GIVING AND SHARING.
  • It’s about showing them the importance of BEING PRESENT.
  • It’s about supporting them to DO WHAT THEY LOVE.
  • It’s about encouraging them to LOVE WHAT THEY DO.
  • It’s about showing them that they always have a CHOICE.
  • It’s about showing them that they have the power to make a CHANGE.
  • It’s about teaching them the importance of TAKING CARE of other people.
  • It’s about showing them that there is CONTRADICTION in every element in life.
  • It’s about helping them maintain THE KID INSIDE even when they grow up.
  • It’s about showing them UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
  • It’s about having a real CONNECTION with them.
  • It’s about teaching them to trust and listen to their INNER VOICE.
  • It’s about teaching them to be GRATEFUL for what they have.
  • It’s about teaching them to LIVE LIFE FULLY WITHOUT REGRETS.

I know… I haven’t mentioned excellence and achievements in this list. Those are important too. But first, we need to focus on all the above because if we do that, we will see many achievements and excellence unfolding naturally in the souls and the bodies of healthy and happy kids.

And we, the fathers and the mothers of those beautiful kids, we must remember to serve as the best role models not only with our words but mainly with our actions.

AH. Jackson Brown, Jr. said: ‘Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you’ 

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