MAINTENANCE and INVESTMENT (for the purpose of great relationships and sex…)

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Fuck! These words are unsexy!!!

But you must apply these words in a sexy way if you want to enjoy a great relationship. The sad truth that I see around me all the time is that – MOST PEOPLE ARE FRUSTRATED ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP (OR LACK OF ONE).

At the same time most people invest close to 0% of effort in maintaining and investing in themselves and their relationship. There is a blind expectation to enjoy amazing connection that has 0 conflicts/misunderstandings/bullshit (and with incredible sex of course) but just like in business with 0 investment you’ll get 0 results!

So before you throw the arrows of frustration and anger on your partner, life and jesus christ, allah or buddha – here are 4 good questions to ask yourself:

  • How often to you devote time to pleasure your partner WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING in return?
  • How much time do you devote for your relationship with FULL PRESENCE AND NO INTERRUPTIONS?
  • How clear and kind are you in COMMUNICATING WHAT YOU LIKE / DON’T LIKE?
  • How open are you to LISTEN WITHOUT ANY JUDGMENTS to your partner when they express what they like /don’t like?

Don’t expect to get anything if you invest nothing or if you don’t care. Actually do expect a lot of frustration, anger and resentment. But if you want to be in a beautiful, loving, sexy and fun relationship start by doing your part.

Enjoy the process.

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