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Do you have control over your life? Are you a man who trusts his path and walks it with determination and consistency, or are you floating in the middle of an ocean of doubts letting the waves carry you wherever they go without you having any control over the direction?

Having just a little control or none over your life is a source of frustration, anger, anxiety and fear in lives of many men. It’s not a surprise that so many experience these feelings. After all, who teaches men about what really matters in life? Men need to figure out so many things by themselves with little or no support whilst carrying shame and blame of the actions of others. The feeling is often of complete isolation and lack of freedom. It’s no wonder why the suicide rates amongst men is so high.

If you feel like you are being carried by the ocean of life with no control you have to stop for a second. Like many other man you’re probably in a reactive mode. You are probably concerned with what’s going on with your life right now, and you spend little or no time at all on a vision of a better life. A life that would make you happy.  A life of depth and deep connection with yourself and with others. A life that despite all the crazy amount of doubts that you have, deep deep under you still believe to be possible.

Imagine that you are in the middle of the ocean. Take yourself high up and think as if you are looking from the sky high above in the middle of the ocean to all the shores that you can reach. There are so many possibilities. If you don’t stop for a moment to look from high up all you see is water and more water that go nowhere. Take yourself high enough for a second and decide.

Which shore do you choose to land on? If you know which shore you want to land on you will know which wave you need to take. It will no longer be about being carried by the waves to nowhere. You will know that the wave you chose is going to take you to the shore you wanted because you made your decision. It doesn’t mean that the journey is going to an easy one. Life, just like the ocean has it’s ups and down. The journey might be short or long and it can be smooth or bumpy but in the end you will get there and even more importantly you will be able to enjoy the journey much more, knowing where you’re heading.

Stop looking at life only from what you see. Think from a higher place. See the possibilities. Make your decision. And make the action of taking the right wave. Keep on the wave with consistency and determination and you’ll discover that life is much more than the salty water you see around you right now.

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