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We are all born with a big heart that wants to connect. And wants to love. And wants to give. 

But this life that we live is crazy. It’s fast. It’s busy. 

And in this madness of life and the pace we live in it’s easy to forget about the heart. 

And when we forget about the heart we start to disconnect. From ourselves. From others.  

We remember the heart only when it hurts. 

But sometimes it hurts so much that we learned how to numb the pain. 

And we are smart, so we invent many techniques to numb that pain in the heart. 

We become busy. We become serious. We say we don’t have time.

We build solid excuses and reasons that function as walls around our heart. 

And we forget that the heart is so big that no matter how big the walls we put around it, it will always want to come out. 

We need to remember that life is not about how it looks like. 

It’s about how it feels inside. In our heart. 

We live in a society that accepts the walls as the norm. 

We live in a society that promotes those walls. 

We live in a society that builds those walls. 

But this society is made of people. Just like you. 

And you can make your own decisions whether you want to keep your heart guarded or not. 

Remember. Your heart is here to give love. 

Your heart is here to receive love. 

That might sound scary and it probably is if you had walls around your heart for a long time. 

But it is also simple. 

And it is beautiful. 

To love. To be loved. 

It’s a decision. 

It’s an action. A much better action than any other action you are planing to do today. 

You can love. 

Despite the pain. 

Despite the fear. 

Despite all the crazy challenges that life brings and will keep bringing. 

You can love and stay open. 

It’s your decision whether you do it or not. 

So how does your decision feel like? 


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