MAN UP! Live Your Life Without Regrets


Announcing the most transformative full day workshop I have run to date for men. This work has completely changed my life and the men who share this path with me.

The focus of the day is on removing traits that don’t serve you anymore and embodying new traits that will serve you well in all layers of life, from purpose to relationships, intimacy, sex and money. We will do a lot of work with the body because it’s the most efficient tool to connect with the mind and the soul.

This workshop is for you if: 

  • You realise you have HABITS that don’t serve you anymore – You want to CREATE BETTER ONES 
  • You had ENOUGH OF PRETENDING – You want to show up as the REAL YOU
  • You are tired of SMALL TALK – You want to spend time with men who THINK AS DEEPLY AS YOU DO 
  • Life is PASSING YOU BY – You want to connect with YOUR PURPOSE. 
  • You want MORE INTIMACY – You want to FEEL MORE CONNECTED to your woman 
  • You want MORE LOVE – You want to learn how to EVOLVE IT
  • You want to ENJOY BETTER SEX – You want to learn how to IGNITE IT
  • You realise that life has become too SERIOUS – You want to HAVE A GOOD DEEP BELLY LAUGH

Over the past week, I have been using a miraculously new ability to notice my own loss of presence. It’s like Yaron trained a new sense into my body.’ John P Morgan 

We are all very used to spend time around TOXIC MASCULINITY. The impact and wounds of this toxic masculinity are everywhere. Physical violence, verbal violence, misogyny, rape, homophobia, grid, control and more are the things we often connect with masculinity. Masculinity can also be the complete opposite if we create the right containers for it, but the way our society is structured, it is very difficult for men who want to take a different path to find ways to do it without BEING ALONE.

In this workshop you are not alone. I have seen the powerful and beautiful impact that happens to men when they are in this space. Many man have adopted ‘masks’ and those masks come in different ‘shapes and sizes’:

  • Men who smile when they are angry
  • Men who become workaholic because of their challenge to create intimacy
  • Men who pretend that all is good despite the pain around their sexual life 
  • Men who act tough and strong but deep inside they are on the edge of depression or even suicide
  • And there are many more examples

When a man is allowed to remove all the masks that he has been carrying for so many years and spend time just as himself in a safe and strong container of nourishing masculinity the results are truly deep and amazing.

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‘This work helped me develop a focus and purpose which I had not given much thought about before. I feel challenged and excited in a positive way. I am a much healthier and happier man. I have lost 4 stone in weight. My relationship with my wife has become stronger and this has led to a more loving and respectful union.’ Ronan McKee

This workshop is for you if you are ready to become THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF (cliche, I know, but it is so true in this work). The men in the group will support you fully and will also expect your support.

This is a full day workshop of embodiment work, conversations and exercises that will help you remove the things that hold you back and CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT.

Date: Saturday May 6th

Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Venue: Angelspace, London

Angelspace is the perfect space for this kind of work. Itis located 3 minutes walk from Angel Station (Northern Line). For our break at lunch, there are many restaurants and cafes just a minute walk away.


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‘Thank you for bringing me back to myself. Still buzzing’ Christine Carlin, L