Men’s Circle

Men’s Circle is a space of growth and depth for 8 men committed to create a better world for themselves and others. If you are one of the 8 men selected for this one year journey you will will get all the support you need to create the depth, freedom, connections and fun that you want and deserve in all areas of life. The investment required from you:

  • Your full commitment.
  • Your time.
  • Your courage.
  • Your vulnerability.
  • Your willingness to give and receive an honest and open feedback.
  • A payment of £2400

Men’s circle is a space where you can connect with other powerful men on a whole new level. It is a space in which you can think the unthinkable and say the things that you do not allow yourself to say anywhere else. It is a place of creation of the life that you want for yourself and your current or future family. It is a space for you to inspire and get inspired by other men who are on a parallel journey towards fulfilling life on their own terms. The program is for you if you are ready to move to the next level in all areas of life. If you know deep inside that there is a lot more for you to give to the world, and if you are ready to receive more, Men’s Circle will give you the tools to accomplish that.

‘Now, three months after joining the program I feel more connected with myself, with less masks which I was building from my childhood and life. I feel great! I now have the courage to go for what I want, no matter how scary and painful it is.’ Stoyko Monev

Places are strictly limited to 8 men. Apply now to secure your spot

If you are here, you are most likely a man who has a lot to offer. Some might say that you are very successful but deep inside you feel that something is holding you back. Fears. Fights. Doubts. Judgments. Lack of purpose. Lack of understanding from others. You carry all those inside while you are wearing an invisible mask that tells the world: ‘everything is great!’. This mask has been serving you for years because as a man, you are used not to show what’s inside you. There are so many unwritten rules about how men should show up in the world, and in these rules honesty is often considered to be a weakness and being vulnerable feels almost like committing a crime. So, you put your mask on and while on the outside you transmit strength, your inside is craving for more openness, depth and connection. And it is painful. So painful that sometimes you feel that you are going to explode. If you are tired of the pain and you want to CREATE MORE CONNECTION AND DEPTH in your life join Men’s Circle where you will spend time with a group of men who will inspire you to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Men’s Circle is a safe container that will allow you to find the freedom in BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE without any masks and social filters.

‘I approached the mens workshop with trepidation and with my defences in place, consciously or not. For me what was crucial was the group, and learning very quickly to trust the group. They were trustworthy, and we were safe, held by Yaron. My defences came down. To be vulnerable and masculine is a gift we all have, and it was a revelation to discover this at the workshop. The work of that day has stayed with me, a feeling of catharsis and freedom.’ Mat Hale

In the program you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your ability to stay grounded and focused no matter what challenges you face
  • Create a strong vision for your life and define clear actions according to your life’s purpose
  • Engage and trust your inner voice no matter what others project on you
  • Break through your limitations
  • Stretch your capacity to think, feel and connect
  • Open your life to new exciting experiences
  • Boost your energy level
  • Become a more effective person in your work environment
  • Find the right environment for you to bring fulfilment in your life
  • Change the belief that you cannot change the context your life
  • Accept, trust and express your sexual desires in a way that will bring freedom and connection.
  • Deal with emotions effectively
  • Feel that you are living your life and not being lived by other people’s needs and ideas
  • Connect to your woman on deeper levels
  • Deal with lack of sex drive from your partner.
  • Cope with the chaos of your woman
  • Become attractive to a woman both physically and emotionally
  • Have more and enjoy more sex in your life

And more.

Places are strictly limited to 8 men. Apply now to secure your spot

The program includes: 8 Men / 2 online calls per month / Weekly Buddy coaching / An exclusive and private Facebook Group for you to Connect, Support, Be Supported and Explore / 50% Discount to all  In-person Intensive Men’s Workshops in London / Starts January 2018 To Apply for the program and secure your spot or if you have any questions get in touch here