Men’s Circle

You know deep inside that there is a lot more for you to give to the world, and you also want to receive more. 
More depth.
More clarity.  
More focus.  
More fun.  
More connection.  
More money.  
More intimacy.  
More sex.
You are a man who has a lot to offer. Some might say that you are very successful but deep inside you feel that something is holding you back. 
Lack of purpose.  
Lack of understanding from others.  

You carry all those inside while you are wearing a mask that tells the world: ‘everything is great!’. This mask has been serving you for years because as a man, you are used not to show what’s inside you. There are unwritten rules about how men should show up in the world, and in these rules honesty is often considered to be a weakness and vulnerability is on the verge of being a crime. So you put your mask on and while the outside transmits strength, the inside is craving for more. And it is painful. Sometimes you feel that you are going to explode. 
So if you are tired of the pain and you want to CREATE MORE CONNECTION AND DEPTH IN YOUR LIFE join us to the MEN’S CIRCLE. This is an invitation for you to be with a group of men who will inspire you to BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. You will find in MEN’S CIRCLE a safe container that will allow you to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE without masks and social filters. It is a space for you to SHOW UP WITH RAW AND HONEST TRUTH knowing that you will receive and give AN HONEST AND OPEN FEEDBACK to and from your fellow men. 
We explore with the following themes:
– Strengthen your masculine power
– Strengthen your ability to stay grounded and focused no  matter what challenges you face
– Engage with your life purpose
– Create a strong vision for you life and define clear action
– Learn to engage and trust your inner voice
– Move your body to create the shift that you want to create in your life
– Become more present through meditation
– Enjoy the feminine energy in your life
– Learn how to attract and lead a woman
– Boost the quantity and quality of your sex life
– Break through your limitations
– Stretch your capacity to think, feel and connect
– Open your life to new edgy and exciting experiences
– Boost your energy level
– Explore your relationship to death
– Experience deep connection with other powerful men

Men’s Circle  is limited to 12 men only. 
To join the next Men’s Circle that will open in January 2018 and for further questions contact