You and me.

No plan.

We take an adventure.
Your adventure.

Is it your big project?
Your relationship?
A change of direction in life?

We talk.

You discover that you can be much more than you imagine.  We open channels to make it happen.

I am there to tell you when you talk bullshit.
I don’t bullshit you.

We go straight to the point. Your point.

We laugh.

We cry.

We enter uncomfortable places because that’s where the truth is.

Your truth.  Your life.  Your adventure.

We explore out of the box.

Actually, we smash the imaginary box you think you have around you.

You find big insights.

Those insights may surprise you.
Those  insights may be those that you were never ready to face.

Until now..

When we work together.

And you finally allow yourself to be the raw honest truth you always felt inside.

Depending on format and commitment, fees for my coaching range from £5,000 – £50,000.

Your investment is 100% non-refundable and is paid in full in advance. I use no written contracts as I trust my client’s word more than any document.

My coaching is not for everyone. I work only with those who are fully committed to reconnecting with their truth.  In addition to the financial commitment,  you have to invest your time, courage and focus into this work. 

If you are ready to talk about your adventure.  Let’s talk.

Photography ⓒ Tony Birch