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Life lessons from an international touring drummer to challenge a new definition of success.

People spend their lives chasing success. In most cases they do so by trying to live up to other peoples’ expectations, only to find out that this actually doesn’t make them happy.

In his talk Yaron shares his most intimate life stories to challenge his audience to look inside themselves, find what success really means to them and start applying this new success in their own lives.  

  •  ‘Yaron gets things going. Fast. No faffing about. Rhythms on sheets, beats and tunes are riffed and shared and learned, in turbo time. The energy is off the scale, immediately. Yaron is literally bouncing off walls, chairs, people and drums. He shoutsings, don’t know what else to call it. It’s electric. Utterly precise and pinpointed, and, at the same time, loosely, inspirationally, creatively wild. Beautifully unhinged..‘
    Michael Zur-Szpiro 

  • ‘You are telling the truth that for some reason nobody says.’
    Gedy Ronen

  • ‘Yaron is brimming with energy, creativity and passion. He provided the spark for our event in Melbourne and created a connection with the audience in a fast and genuine way. Yaron is refreshingly authentic in his delivery and provided our audience with some tangible ideas and actions that made a real difference on how to achieve their goals.’
    Leah Hynes & Naz Murphy, Coachable

  • ‘Yaron spoke from the heart with passion, and experience. He seemed to inspire many of the DANZ and NZSD participants. I for one was most impressed with his generosity of sharing, and also his suggestions for the realm of possibilities with collaboration. All in all everyone was very happy.’

    Stephany Tims -Education and Community Coordinator of New Zealand International Arts Festival


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