“Yaron gets things going. Fast. No faffing about. Rhythms on sheets, beats and tunes are riffed and shared and learned, in turbo time. The energy is off the scale, immediately. Yaron – is literally bouncing off walls, chairs, people and drums. He shoutsings, don’t know what else to call it. It’s electric. It’s very Israeli: utterly precise and pinpointed, and, at the same time, loosely, inspirationally, creatively wild. Beautifully unhinged.”

Michael Zur-Szpiro Venturethree.com

‘Upon my request, Yaron coached me last week. We spent much of the morning staring into each other’s eyes and with Yaron telling me to “shut up” nearly every time I opened my mouth. It was bizarre and awesome and exactly what I needed.

As a result, over the past week, I have been using a miraculously new ability to notice my own loss of presence. It’s like Yaron trained a new sense into my body’

John P Morgan www.jpmorganjr.com/

‘I got a lot out of the evening, and I seriously love being in an environment like you created which is a fertile breeding ground for inspired, thoughtful conversation!’

Tom Norman author of How To Travel The Land For Less Than A Grand www.tomnorman.co

“I was really skeptical about the coaching process. I actually hated the first session. I’ve been challenged by the encounter of different professional worlds and approaches and I thought I wasn’t really belonging to the experience. I was wrong!

“I decided to keep going, and little, by little without realising it, I shifted my energies and uncovered parts of me that were lying under sheets of pre-ordered assumptions, waiting to burst through injecting a new and powerful lymph into my professional and personal life. I improved the quality of my time dramatically, being able now to achieve more and better in less time without losing the purity of creating art, but actually enhancing it.

“Yaron is a great facilitator who cares to create the right vibe for you to express yourself freely, without forcing anything and letting self-development happen almost by itself. I would totally recommend this experience to everybody.”

Vinz, artist, multiperforming musician, composer, producer thisistheartist.com

“You are telling the truth that for some reason nobody says.”

Gedy Ronen, Musician, Israel bandcamp.com

“Yaron’s incredible enthusiasm, positive attitude and faith in my playing has changed what was once a hobby of mine into the biggest passion in my life. I have recently completed my BA in jazz studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston and am currently residing in New York City, where I work as a professional drummer. I can honestly say that the long musical path I’ve made to this point has begun with Yaron’s mentoring and encouragement. Thank you, Yaron!”

Dani Danor, freelance Drummer NYC dani-danor.com

“Yaron helped me to dig deeper into myself and find some answers about what I needed, what I wanted and how I was going to make it happen. Since then, I am sure that the answers of what I need or what I want are just inside me and Yaron is a perfect facilitator to guide me and find those answers from and for myself.”

Jorge Crecis, Choreographer Jorgecrecis.com

“Yaron guided me on the way of understanding and observing my emotions better and changing certain habits/patterns, motivating me to stay true to myself, finding out what it is that I really want. Yaron had just the right way of approaching; practical, positive, clear, confronting, challenging. He helped me to reveal what was already inside of myself, I just didn’t always know how to understand and accept those areas.”

Merel Lammers, Dancer at the Hofesh Shechter Company

“Being coached by Yaron taught me the huge difference between dealing with action and emotion in terms of going ahead with your goals. I learnt to organise my time and my goals despite whatever emotion (good or bad) was about to come. This means I feel rewarded of being able to keep on building my own projects, “braving” all kind of emotional waves that in another moment could have made me get lost by following them…

“His concrete working system leads you to be more effective, organised, focused and makes you more responsible of how you want to spend your time in life. I think this is specially useful for people who wants to learn how to establish priorities, how to be responsible for starting and finishing any kind of work, how to keep your own commitment until the end or how to be even break this commitment in a responsible way, in case your goals happen to change. It’s all about how you develop what you decide by organising your goals.”

Anna Llombart, Tap Dance & Body Percussion Performer, Teacher and Choreographer, Barcelona / London www.annallombart.com

“Yaron connects with people through his warm, humorous, human and generous qualities, and by doing so encourages people to be and play from the heart. I’ve seen Yaron time after time creating a comfortable atmosphere that allows people to fulfil their abilities, without pressure, but with wise and joyful concentration.

“His enormous experience as a professional performer and as a mentor, gives him endless tools to lead a people so cleverly into progress. Yaron encourages everything that is flowing, that is natural, that is fun, without forgetting the essence of music and life – playing from the inside out. He is all about that, and that’s a very special thing.”

Hofesh Shechter, choreographer and musician Hofesh.co.uk

“It is always an enlightening pleasure to meet Yaron and take his fresh and rare approach in addressing the grease marks in life! The world is crying out for clarity of thought! For a man so young; Yaron has a great insight into life. He is a life changer and true to form.”

Maurice Braganza, Founder of Maurice Braganza and Co, Co-founder of The London School of Painting and Drawing

“Yaron Engler is brimming with energy, creativity and passion. He provided the spark for our event in Melbourne and created a connection with the audience in a fast and genuine way. Yaron is refreshingly authentic in his delivery and provided our audience with some tangible ideas and actions that made a real difference for the audience on how to achieve their goals.”

Leah Hynes & Naz Murphy, RYPL Australia

“Since I started Yaron’s program both my productivity and focus have increased and this in return has reflected on my income positively. The program has allowed me to create space to get clarity around my goals, take action on those goals and move forward in a clear direction, achieving great results. Yaron’s fun & direct approach is refreshing and has me looking forward to each Press Play session with great anticipation and excitement!”

Savannah Alalia, Founder of Savannahalalia.com and creator of HumanFood101

“Yaron spoke from the heart with passion, and experience. He seemed to inspire many of the DANZ and NZSD participants, plus various composers present. I for one was most impressed with his generosity of sharing, and also his suggestions for the realm of possibilities with collaboration (music and dance). All in all everyone was very happy.”

Stephany Tims, Education and Community Coordinator of New Zealand International Arts Festival